Why choose a grafted seedling


The grafting allows a greater resistance to diseases, a greater production, the recovery of the flavours of the past and a longer vegetation of the plant


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Our philosophy


The noble Leopardi family of Le Marche Region, from generations engaged in research and innovation in agriculture, has succeeded in transplanting grafted plants, levels of production and quality so far unimaginable. For this reason, the company has been continuously focusing on research and development of the best grafts and the best grafting techniques for 25 years. The advantages obtained with the use of  Leopardi grafts are:


  • Increase in production, through the use of specific and exclusive rootstocks, which guarantee maximum strength and vigour to Leopardi grafted plant so as to guarantee a very high and continuous production over time.

  • Quality improvement, with a wide selection of vegetables belonging to typical Italian productions, through the careful research and recovery of the most characteristic varieties of our rural tradition, by drastically reducing the use of chemical plant protection products.

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